• د. حسن نصر خميس بظاظو الأستاذ المساعد فی قسم العقیدة جامعة غزة الإسلامیة غزة -فلسطین


emotions, construction, vulgarity and immorality, the Islamic faith, spiritual needs.


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and the best prayer and the completion of the handover to Muhammad Al-Mustafa Al-Amin, his family and his companions, and after that: The human view of life and the universe and its concepts in all fields and even its emotions and feelings revolve around the axis of the faith that it adopts, which contributes to its intellectual, Towards construction and change. If the status schools had achieved some success in the fields of material civilization, they proved their failure to meet the individual's need for a decent life free from the restrictions of vulgarity and immorality. Moral decadence, moral decline, family disintegration and ideological emptiness were the most important data of material civilization made by man in life Intellectual, personal and social.

The wisdom of the Almighty necessitates guiding man to the roots and origins from which he draws his knowledge and learns from them the truths of this existence, through which he reaches the correct and correct beliefs of impurities and far from deviance after giving him the pure instinct and guiding him to light, the light of true Islamic faith, Around him. When the rule of the human mind sees that the Islamic faith is an integrated system of human life in various stages and paints the road to all aspects and is consistent with human instinct and ensures the realization of the individual's spiritual needs and desires in a balanced and accurate, and in order to ensure dignity and personality. The principles of this doctrine are based on the building of the personality, the personality of the individual, the society and the Islamic state, the relations and ties are established, the rights and duties are determined, justice and equality are achieved, peace and security are established, and solidarity and solidarity are established.


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د. حسن نصر خميس بظاظو, الأستاذ المساعد فی قسم العقیدة جامعة غزة الإسلامیة غزة -فلسطین