Characteristics of National Leadership in the Islamic State A research review


  • فاروق اعظم پی ایچ ڈی سكالر ، شعبہ سیاسیات، جامعہ کراچی۔


Islamic State, National Leadership, Quran, Seerah, Holy Prophet (PBUH).


  The research paper under review describes the salient features of national leadership. The basic principles have been derived from the teaching of Holy Prophet (PBUH). At the beginning of the research paper the State and ideology of an Islamic State has been differenciated. Thereafter the prevailing definition of National leadership and its types has been discussed. The ideology of an Islamic Leadership has also been highlighted. The guiding principles of National Leadership have encompassed the various aspeects of leadership i.e. ethical, legal, administrative, political, economical, social and educational. All these aspects have been discussed in detail. In this way the topic has been discussed in length with respect to qualities and characteristics of an Islamic National Leadership. In this research paper Islamic State and Islamic Natoinal leadership has been discussed from the beginning to end in the light of teaching of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).