The strategies and possibilities of preaching of Islam for schedule caste Hindus of Sindh.

سندھ میں شیڈولڈ کاسٹ ہندووں میں دعوت دین کی حکمت عملی اور امکانات کا جائزہ


  • ڈاکٹر عبدالماجد ڈاکٹر عبدالماجد، وائس پرنسپل، البیرونی اسکول اینڈ کالج، جامعة الرشید، کراچی۔


force religious conversion, truth of Isalm, problems of new muslims.


The issue that is widely covered by media and at the same scale ignored by the public is the issue of young Hindus girls’ doing marriage  with  Muslims  in  different  areas of Pakistan  specially  in  Sindh.  

The issues regarding  Islam  and  Muslims  have  become  hot  debate  specially  after  9/11.  Not only the coverage of such issues has increased in news but the style of framing these issues has changed as well.

Until now media has projected it as matter of forced religious conversion and marriage and enthusiastic Muslims have been viewing the phenomenon from the other aspect. The common men are taking these marriages and later its impact and conversion to Islam as the attraction to eternal truth of Islam.

Due to both extreme stands and oversimplified view of media and understanding of This thesis is going to discuss the chances of  islamicteachings to convey to the Hindos of Sindh  keeping in view  their  social,   psychological, financial and  political  aspects. Moreover the overcome problems of these new Muslims and what needs to be done by the government, religious scholars and general

public the real issues and sub issues related to this phenomenon have gone into back ground.