Prison Conditions in A.J&K Prisons and its Ethical reform (An analytical Study)

آزاد كشمیركی جیلوں كی مجموعی حالت زار اور اخلاقی اصلاح كی ضرورت (ایك تحقیقی جائزہ)


  • Wajahat Khan Khan Lecturer University of Kotli Azad Kashmir


Azad Kashmir, prison, prisoners, imprisonment, reforms


To reform the criminals effectively, punishments are prescribed. Imprisonment is one of those punishments. Islam considers imprisonment as an optional punishment. In Islamic history, first time a jail was constructed during the era of Caliph Ali (R.A.). During 16th century, imprisonment was introduced in Europe. There are seven jails in Azad Jammu and Kashmir which accommodated 827 prisoners, 25% are convicted prisoners, whereas 75 % are undertrial prisoners. Ignorance, injustice and poverty are the main reasons which led people to the imprisonment. Imprisonment centers are being run according to Pakistan prison Rules, 1978. The findings of this study revealed that Government of A. J. & K. spends 70 to 100 rupees on a prisoner per day. No learning facilities have been provided to the prisoners, the prisoners lack basic living and health facilities. Residential areas are not comfortable to live. Imprisonment rules are not followed accordingly. Jail administration is corrupt, incompetent and negligent. Anjuman Taleem ul Qur`an is the only NGOs, which launches welfare activities for the betterment of arrestees. The punishment lost its importance, failed in fulfilling required objectives. Due to malpractices of police and poor judicial system, only poor get imprisonment.

Author Biography

Wajahat Khan Khan, Lecturer University of Kotli Azad Kashmir