Services of Sindhi Scholars in the Field of Hadith

سندھی علماء کی علم حدیث میں خدمات


  • عبد السلام ٹونیو عبد السلام ٹونیو Lecturer Islamic studies Szabist Larkana Campus
  • محمد علی شیخ محمد علی شیخ Lecturer islamic studies,The Shaikh Ayaz university shikarpur


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Islam is a perfect religion of Alla. There is no any fault in it, and Allah has revealed its holy book Quran on his last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and its instructions and commands one in collective form which is explained by the holy Prophet (PBUH) in his sayings and doings.The Holy Quran keeps the status of a basic Doctrine and way of lif, whose explanation is made by holy Prophet (PBUH) in his sayings and doings.

Hadith and Sunnah are said to be doings and sayings of Holy Prophet (PBUH).The basis of Din/Religion is on two things that is Quran and Sunnah.These two are interdependent on each other that one cannot understand the one irrespective of the other one. So Scholars have been vesting their struggles to strengthen in these two bases since, earlier period.

In Indian subcontinent literary and scholastic services are conduced by scholars are not hidden at all. Allama Sayyed Rashid Raza Misri Says:

Subcontinent Scholars gave better attentions to Hadith, if they would not do so this (Hadith) knowledge would be forgotten by Eastern countries.

Islam’s rays flourished first of all on the earth of Sindh (Indus valley), and it is also felt that Sindh is gateway of Islam.

The Heavenly message of Islam is spread into subcontinent through this land. This message is cause and wealth of pride for world for its worldly success and the success of here after.

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عبد السلام ٹونیو عبد السلام ٹونیو, Lecturer Islamic studies Szabist Larkana Campus