An Analytic Philosophical Approach to the Concept of Ultimate Reality (Wahdat Al Wajud)


  • Dr Shahzadi Pakeeza, Maheeen Zareen Khattak HoD, Department of Islamic StudiesFatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Research Student Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi


wahdat-ul-wujud, Sufi circles, reconciliation, elaborated to understand.


The doctrine of wahdat-ul-wujud has received a lot of debate and criticism over the years yet still remains popular amongst the Sufi circles. Every religion creates a relationship between man and his God. Believing in sharing the essence with the Divine contradicts everything we know as humans. The concept of wahdat –ul- wujud in the light of Sufi writings needs to be elaborated to understand. The aim of the study is to investigate how can the different aspects of wahdat-ul-wujud in Sufi writings be compromised to achieve a point of reconciliation. This is a qualitative research. Both descriptive and analytical approaches have been employed during this research. Content analysis was carried out by means of library research. The sources used were Quran, Sunnah and Classical jurist’s books and Sufi literature. This research is significant because the relationship of God with His creation will always be debated. It also brings forth the purpose of creation of this world. The results of the research only clarify the concept about the wahdat – ul-wujud in the light of Sufi teachings but also analyzed wahdat al wujud as a practical approach towards achieving religious excellence or merely an innovation that might lead thousands to their destruction.




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