About the Journal

About the Journal 

Journal Name: JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC SCIENCES ISLAMABAD (مجله علوم اسلاميه اسلام آباد)

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Frequency: Bi-Annual (2 issues per year)

Nature: Print and Online

Submission E-mail:  editorjisisl@gmail.com         

Language of Publication: English ,Arabic, Urdu

Directory would be seen on official website  in the section of  Social Sciences

Published by:  alquran education trust

Alquran Education Trust is a  registered organization under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 of Pakistan.

Web: https://alquranedu.com/

Email: editorjisisl@gmail.com

place of publication: Islamabad, Pakistan




Journal of Islamic Sciences Islamabad


The Journal of Islamic Sciences Islamabad is a tri-lingual and bi-annual research journal.  Its prime objective is to encourage the true understanding of Islamic concepts and promotion of scientific research for the solution of current issues through modern and applied methods. JISI provides a platform for scholars of theology and various doctrines of the religion Islam to publish current and significant research along other publishing activities, such as books, article and reviews.

Objectives of JISI:

The main objectives of this magazine are:

  1. Providing a forum to publish quality research in Islamic thought
  2. Presenting solid ideology and philosophical findings in Islamic thought along the practical solution to the modern day issues of Islamic society
  3. Promoting exchange of knowledge among the scholars of various Islamic sciences, throughout the world in general and Pakistan in particular

Scope of JISI:

Some of the leading areas for Research are:

  1. The concept of human life in Islam, in modern perspective
  2. The system of worship in Islam
  3. The social system of Islam
  4. The economic system of Islam
  5. The political system of Islam
  6. The judicial system of Islam
  7. the international system of Islam
  8. The Qur’an and its sciences, the topics of the Quran and our lives
  9. Hadith, and its sciences, and our lives
  10. Jurisprudence and the law, and our society
  11. Islam and Social Sciences
  12. Islam and Environmental Sciences
  13. Islam and dignity of Human being
  14. Islam and other contemporary issues and their solution.
  15. Study of interfaith dialogue and harmony, Daw’ah in the contemporary world.

Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2021): JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC SCIENCES ISLAMABAD (January- June)



Published: 2021-01-22
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