Guidance for Authors

  • The Researchers/Authors are expected to submit their original contributions not less than Five thousand words, including references and One hundred and fifty  to two hundred words Abstract with Keywords in English/Urdu/languages . Abstract must be written in English language.The title also should be translated into English if the article is in Arabic or Urdu languages.
  • First page of the article should contain title of the research paper, name of the author,/ authors designation, and contact details. Email ID, etc is essential. These details should be provided in English Language and will be displayed on website.
  • Research Contributions must be composed in MS Word.
  • Font for English is Times New Roman, for Arabic is Traditional Arabic bold and for Urdu is ALVI NASTALEEQ.
  • The given size paper in single space, on one side of the page. Font size for title headings for English 12 Bold, for sub-headings 11 Bold, however, font size for references is 10 and remaining material will be in 12 normal. For Arabic and Urdu articles, main headings 16 Bold, sub-headings 14 Bold, and main body of text 13 and for references font size is 12.
  • Research contribution’s page set up would be: Customize size: Width: 7.17 and Height: 9.5, Page Margins: Top: 0.7, Bottom: 0.7, Left:0.7, Right: 0.7.

 References should be inserted as Endnotes and numbered consecutively. All citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style and the detail of the style can be observed on

 References should be translated in English if the research contribution is in other than English Language.

 Two hard copies of the research should be sent and also soft copy emailed on  or submit online on OJS to follow the link below: 

  • The research contributions are blind peer reviewed by the International experts before publication. However, the Editorial Board reserves the right to exclude the paper without showing cause for it. The decision of the Editorial Board will be considered exclusive for publication of the article.
  • This is sole responsibility of Author to make sure that the research paper sent for publication in JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC SCIENCES ISLAMABADmust not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

 The article sent for publication is without plagiarism. The author has to submit article along with similarity report and he/she will be legally responsible for any objection in this regard.

 The Journal Board usually publish the views and research of Authors. It is not necessary to agree with the view of authors and cannot be responsible for any statement, comment or information.

 HEC Guidance can be seen on Ethical Guidelines for Journals by HEC